The basis of Ayurvedic healing is the realization that the wisdom within each and everyone of us is the wisdom of the cosmos. The very wisdom that created us in the first place, the same wisdom that sustains life and being.

We invite you to Ayurmana, to explore and experience for yourself the profound healing and mystical allure of treatments that unravel the secrets of the most revered, timeless healing tradition known to man - Ayurveda

On April 24th 2002, we opened the services of Ayurmana to the women and men of kuwait. Since then we have been extensively featured and rated by print and electronic media alike as the premiere Ayurveda day spa in Kuwait and one of the finest in the entire middle east.

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Slimming program

Ayurmana’s award winning slimming program constitutes a comprehensive weight-loss plan that facilitates what is probably the fastest weight loss observed from an entirely natural treatment

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Dharma Ayurveda Spa

Dharma Ayurveda Spas follow the time proven principles, strategies and healing techniques of Dharma Ayurveda family. With a heritage of over 1800 years in traditional Ayurvedic

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Yoga - The art of being

Yoga is an ancient science that preaches the means to tune in to the whole. Yoga means union. A union that encompass many levels of our existence.

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